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What Can You Do With Nails (Part 4)

1 Feb

The artist used antique iron nails taken from the cathedral’s repaired roof to create a two metre-long membrane outlining the space of a floating body. Check out the rest of the article here.


What Can You Do With Ping-Pong Balls??

29 Jan

Designer Daniel Arsham’s 90-square-foot apartment sits above the office of his design shop Snarkitecture at 60 Box Street in Greenpoint. He calls it Box/Box, and it’s a design experiment as well as his permanent residence. The walls are the impressive thing, though. No less than 25,000 grey and white ping pong balls decorate the walls, transitioning from dark to light as they near the ceiling. The ceiling itself is made of translucent backlit panels, with a skylight and mirrors to create the illusion of space.


What Can You Do With Bricks??

13 Jan

A Chinese artist wants £80,000 for a BMW car that handles like a brick… as it’s made out of hundreds of them. Check out the article here.

Event: REUSE 4.0

8 Jan

REUSE is an annual exposition that serves as an opportunity for non-profit organizations, companies, professionals and aspiring creative talents to showcase their accomplishments in the fields of social responsibility and sustainability via a range of artistic mediums and interactive activities for the general public. Here is the link for more info.

This year REUSE 4.0 is being held on January 11 – 13th of 2011 on the premises of the Australian College of Kuwait from 4 to 9pm daily with an expansive participation list to date.  On a daily basis, REUSE 4.0 will feature a dynamic mix of art galleries, music, film screenings, mixed media installations, a lounge, go-kart sprints, trendy eco- fashion & accessories, prizes, surprises & more. We have compiled as detailed a list as we could put together to date. We apologize if certain names were not mentioned – we definitely appreciate everything you have done for us thus far and look forward to showcasing your talents at REUSE 4.0.

What Can You Do With a TypeWriter?

31 Dec

British artist Keira Rathbone is using it as a drawing tool, check out this post link for more artworks.

Junk Portraits by Zac Freeman

26 Nov

What Can you do with Junk? here is the link for more pictures by Zac Freeman.

What Can You Do With Key Cards??

21 Aug

You can build a hotel by using 200,000 cards, Holiday Inn is the first key card hotel in Manhattan, New York , here is the link.

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