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Conan with some South Korean girls

11 Feb

Here is the link.


Kiri Ramadan Ad Parody

8 Jan

I forgot to post about this Ad long time ago, until one of my friends sent the link to me Yesterday, the best part is (shaking his head while saying Kebbat Al Arba’a), If you haven’t seen it yet then check it out here.

TV Show: An Idiot Abroad

26 Dec

I don’t post a lot about TV shows, but this one is exceptional, Ricky and Steve have sent Karl Pilkington around the world to experience some of the greatest monuments to human civilization. It’s a travel documentary like no other. You gotta check out the trailer here.

Slaps Of Ramadan

10 Sep

No more TV shows by the end of Ramadan, so Happy Eid everybody :D, here is the link.

Change The Odds (Stand Up 2 Cancer Ad)

28 Aug

Most of Ads with many celebrities are kinda lame, but this one can get an exception, I like how simple and direct for the viewer, here is the link.

Zain ad – Hope

24 Aug


Etisalat Brand Campaign Ramadan 2010

23 Aug

This might be the best Ad for this year (in my opinion), I love everything in it, I wish the Kuwaiti Ads reach this level of quality and excitement, here is the link.

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