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Caribou New Logo = Omar In Arabic!!

12 Feb

I like going to Caribou Coffee, and since they announce their new logo,  and I was wondering if the new logo or the old one is more obvious and clear to look like a Jumping animal.

The new logo does not resemble the caribou animal, it might be abstraction for it, but what I see is a funky way to write my name in arabic. What do you think??


Best of Kuwait 2010 (By Thouq)

27 Dec

They mentioned the best restaurants and shops in Kuwait, the most surprising category is the best Shawirma in Kuwait which goes to Meem Cafe (I might try it someday), Check the rest of the list here.

The Benihana Volcano Vs. Blogger

23 Dec

Yesterday I went with my friends to the new Japanese restaurant called Benihana in the avenues, Continue reading

Salmiya Park (Animation)

19 Jun

Salmiya Park or Boulevard is a mega-project located in Salmiya (next to Souq Al Salmiya)

I just found the animation for the project, what do you think about the project overall? here is the link.

Slider Station Special Theme

28 Apr

Every Wednesday I like having decent food from Slider Station with my friends, but this Wednesday by coincidence it was their 3rd anniversary,  it turned out to be that the owner of Burger Boutique and slider station is going to launch his new Open Flame Kitchen in 360 mall this  June,  so they were forcing the customers to try the new menu!!

I was ready to order the usual stuff like the commando fries and sliders, but they were insisting to order from the new menu giving no other choice, which was not a good way to celebrate the 3rd anniversary, however, I ordered the appetizers which were much more like Burger Boutique and nothing special about it at all.

I ordered the sliders and it was mostly the same as slider station (just changing the name will not make a difference for me), and please never ever try the Alloo chat slider (where you can order the same from Hindi Restaurant, seriously who puts mashed potatoes in the slider!!)

At the end we ordered the Pudding which satisfied me and gave me a happy ending (as it was written in the menu), the generous portion of ice cream was perfect, and if I will go to b+f Open Flame Kitchen  I will order it for sure. I didn’t take any pictures for the appetizers and the sliders because I think that what I ordered is not the best thing in the menu.

Overall if you want to have a taste of the new restaurant you can go to  slider station in front of Al-Seef Palace, it is for 3 days only, and then Slider Station will be back (as it supposed to be), I might give it another shot when it opens in 360 Mall.

Olympia Tower New Restaurants

22 Apr

Olympia Tower in the Gulf Road is really an interesting building (for me at least), but I kinda hates the new additions in the ground level, but some of them are pretty good, I remember Mark’s post about Planet Hollywood.

Another addition I noticed few days ago when I was walking beside Scientific Centre walkway, the restaurant called Naring or Narain, the additional arches is still under construction but in opinion it might be perfect for the restaurant but it is ruining that side from the building.

Dancing at Johnny Rockets!!

19 Apr

I remember when I was in Bahrain (2 years ago), I was enjoying my meal at Jonny Rockets Al Seef and suddenly the whole staff started to dance with the manager, it was fun to watch and the whole customers had a great time, the video above shows the staff dancing with a small kid in Philippines.

In Kuwait it’s not allowed to dance in public, so the staff managed this Xmas party in the avenues, and uploaded the video in YouTube, the party was for the staff only, but they ended up with taking their shirts off!! Here is the link.

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