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Miss Average Project

10 Feb

Describing someone as average-looking is rarely seen as a compliment.
More than 100 women of 41 different nationalities and ethnicities were photographed in cities all over the world in an effort to find common regional features.
The photos were carefully laid over each-other using a computer program to create an individual image for each area – and the biggest surprise is that the ‘common’ faces are all quite beautiful.

Check out the rest of the article here.




The Lake That Glows in The Dark!!

29 Jan

The light is created by a chemical reaction called bioluminescence, which happens when a naturally-occuring micro-organism in the water is disturbed. These images are particularly stunning because the concentration of the micro-organism ‘Noctiluca Scintillans’ was abnormally high when he took the photos at Gippsland Lakes in Victoria, Australia. Check them out here.

Standing Up Like a Man (Bear Vs. Gorilla)

27 Jan

I found two pictures for a bear and a gorilla in different articles, I think it is interesting to see other creatures in unusual postures, check out the bear article here.

The gorilla has become an internet sensation, check out his article here.

Junk Portraits by Zac Freeman

26 Nov

What Can you do with Junk? here is the link for more pictures by Zac Freeman.

Meerkats and Extreme Sports

11 Nov

Interesting collection of photos taken for 2011 calendar of meerkats during their extreme sports adventures, a picture that never been in my mind since Lion King, here is the article.

Star House by AGi

9 Nov

Few days ago I found this interesting post in archdaily about one of AGi projects, check it out here.

KASA Photography Exhibition at Al-Raya

6 Oct

What an amazing collection of photographs, I was invited by Nasser Al-Mutairi “Public Relations” of KASA to Arraya Center Hosting KASA (Kuwait Architecture Students Association) it’s first KASA Photography Exhibition which Continue reading

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