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Korean Valentine’s Day

14 Feb

It is interesting to know that Valentine’s Day is done differently around there. Essentially, the women treat the men today. Isn’t that great? But there’s a catch. Next month, for White Day on March 14th, the men have to take care of the women. Here is the link.

Thanks to Eat Your Kimchi channel and Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody.


Conan with some South Korean girls

11 Feb

Here is the link.

Eat Your Kimchi Youtube Channel

8 Feb

People who are going to Korea (like me, myself and I), this channel have a lot of useful and funny videos about Korea done by two Canadians “Simon and Martina”, check out the first video about how to speak Korean.

They mentioned in their channel:

We’re a young Canadian married couple teaching English in Bucheon, South Korea.

We love food!
We love adventures!
We love life!
We love Korea!

We want to show you what everyday life is like when living in Korea. Check out our website for blogs, videos, and pictures.

Here is the link for the video “why Korea is still awesome”.

16384 Strings of Honey!!

5 Feb

Lately I am watching a lot of videos about Korea (because I will live there for 6-months), and I received  e-mail about a Korean candy called Dragon Beard, here is the link.

They start with a solid block of honey, and then slowly stretch it into 2, then 4, then 8 … all the way to 16384 strings of honey! To prevent it from sticking, they dip it into starch or some kind of flour mixture every time they twist it. Once that step is done, they fill it with different kinds of nuts.

Thanks Night Butterfly!!

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