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Old Is Gold: Mohammad AlMazim – The Year of Love

15 Jan

“A’am Al Hub” is one of my favorite old songs, I never watched the video clip, but thank god there are Youtube users uploading stuff we never saw. The shooting of the music video was in Kuwait City – Safat Square and it was around 1992 to 1993. Here is the link.


Kuwait: Class of 1990 (by Al-Jazeera)

30 Jul

On the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Kuwait, Al Jazeera follows former classmates as they reunite for the first time since they were separated by war. Here is the link.

Critical Past (Website)

9 Jul

I kinda like to see B&W pictures, this site provide thousands of old clips, here is the link.

Kuwait City 1795 (ArtWork)

30 Jun

I recieved this painting via e-mail, Done by artist As’ad Bo Nashi, I really like old Kuwait city pictures, I wish they do more paintings about the city.

Thanks Night Butterfly!

Kuwait Monorail Proposal 80’s

13 Jun


I was arranging my old stuff (books and magazines) and I found a booklet from Kuwait Municipality, and they show a proposal for the master plan of Kuwait, and they had this image above as a proposal for the monorail system in Sharq, I know that there are plans for a new metro project is running right now, but I didn’t know that it was planned back in the eighties!! 

San’ousy’s Message Show

10 Apr

Yesterday, I checked out old videos in youtube, it was even old for youtube (uploaded 3 years ago), some of them are extremely funny taken Continue reading

Kuwait in LIFE Magazine 1965

1 Apr

I posted about old images of Kuwait few days ago taken from LIFE magazine issue 1959, this is another issue about Kuwait in 1965, the article is about Continue reading

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