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Al Sayl (Saudi Short Film)

1 Feb

The film is about the drainage disaster in Jedda, here is the link.


Gulf Train Project (Shiryan)

12 Aug

I received this image via e-mail, and I love the idea of linking the main cities, I am still not sure if this project is real or not, but it seems that some companies are taking it serious, check this bigger image for the arabic article.

Kuwait Monorail Proposal 80’s

13 Jun


I was arranging my old stuff (books and magazines) and I found a booklet from Kuwait Municipality, and they show a proposal for the master plan of Kuwait, and they had this image above as a proposal for the monorail system in Sharq, I know that there are plans for a new metro project is running right now, but I didn’t know that it was planned back in the eighties!! 

Kuwait in LIFE Magazine 1965

1 Apr

I posted about old images of Kuwait few days ago taken from LIFE magazine issue 1959, this is another issue about Kuwait in 1965, the article is about Continue reading

2PAC Sign!!

29 Mar

I was driving to Kuwait City and I noticed this sign where it shows the direction for a governmental public authority, instead of PASC it was changed by “funny careless artist” into 2PAC.  You can check previous signs posts such as Street Art or Sex Signs!!! and College of Sex in Kuwait University!!

Another Population Sign!!

23 Mar

Back in last September I posted about a population sign, now they are adding stickers with numbers, now our house number is  #1, I guess they want to be sure that it is number 1!!

If that is correct, why the rest of the neighbors have random number like 5, 12 or 15, seriously I don’t know how this system works!!

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