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Subway Sandwich Battle (Ad)

4 Aug

Here is the link.


The Man Behind Omar Suliman Song

19 Feb

The man who appeared behind Omar Suliman “VP of Egypt” during the announcement of Mubarak’s resignation. Here is the link for the song, and here is the link for the facebook group.

My Car CD 18: May 2011

17 Feb

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Tahrir Square Got Talent

12 Feb

Standup comedians and singers did a great job in Tahrir Square during the protesting days, here is the link for the stand-up comedy.

Rock concert took place at the night, a song called “Erhal”, here is the link.

Another song “Elga7sh 2al Lel7omar”, here is the link.

Congrats for Egypt, and I hope the future will be better, Live long Egypt.

Thanks Mohammad.

Old Is Gold: Ana Min El-Balad Dee (Egyptian Song)

4 Feb

Every time I hear about the events in Egypt, this song pops in my mind. This song was released during the Gulf War 1991 (check out how young the singers were at that time like Angham and Ihab Tawfeeq), here is the link.

God save Egypt.

My Car CD 17 (4 Bonus Tracks)

4 Feb

4 Bonus Tracks added to Car CD 17Continue reading

My Car CD 17: April 2011

21 Jan

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