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Kuwait 3D Project Update Vol.4

8 Jul

I posted these images in the Facebook page, and here are the pictures in the blog, the images shows the finished detailed  models in Kuwait 3D Project so far, it seems that the project is taking more than I expected.

Alsoor tower

Kuwait Social security building and Asfour tower

Sheraton Hotel

Aerial view of Fahad AlSalem street and Sheraton rounabout.

Fahad Alsalem street

Panasonic Tower

Alhamra and Alraya Towers, Alhamra tower model is done by Charles

Another View of Alhamra Tower

Kuwait Exchange Market and Burgan Bank Tower

AlSaleh building in the Sheraton roundabout

Kuwait Exchange Market and Burgan Bank Tower.

Any opinion/information/pictures would be helpful to the project, you can check the updates in the following links:

@ swaleff blog

@ Facebook Page

and you can contact us via e-mail:


K3DP Update Vol.2 – Zone 2

17 Jan

This is the second update for Kuwait 3D Project (turned out we have 837 buildings to detail, and we did 30 building so far)

The area is rich of luxurious mall, governmental buildings, restaurants, open shops, hotel, and residential apartments, some of the buildings i detailed it in a way better than reality (just to show how it was at the golden days)

Building 16: TV building – Ministry of Information

Building Number 1

Building 5Building 2 – Al Soor Tower

Building 26 –  Al-Sahab Tower

Building 22 & 21

Building 23 –  JW Marriott Hotel


We hope you will like the new way of showing the 3D, check out Zone 1 and please tell us which one is better??

Also you can join our facebook page here, we would like to know your opinions and suggestions.

KASA 10th Anniversary/Reunion

2 Jan

Last Monday I attended this event for (KASA: Kuwait Architectural Student Association), it was so organized and professional event, I had great time there, and I would like to thank them for the Kuwait 3D Project award, wishing them best of luck in the near future.

I liked the video quality and I have to say that they picked a great soundtrack for the video, great efforts done by students, keep up the good work. Here is the link.

K3DP Update Vol.1

31 Dec

Do your remember My first post about Kuwait 3d Project,  I will keep posting updates once in a while about the latest detailed buildings, and for more information you can check out the facebook page here, or visit arch of kuwait for high resolution images.

Also I would like to thank KASA (Kuwait Architectural Students Association) for the award, wishing them best of luck in their future.

K3DP: Zone 1 (Modeling Phase 30%)

21 Nov

2 months ago I started Kuwait 3D Project,  and I finally finished the Massing phase, Now The Kuwait 3D Project team is going through the “Modeling Phase”. As shown above the Kuwait City is divided into 58 plots and starting by number 1, photos and information will be helpful for our database.

The diagram shown above shows the information of zone 1, you can help us by mentioning to us the building function or the building name, pictures is very valuable for detailing each building, send to us whatever you got in via e-mail

Also you can join our facebook page here, we would like to know your opinions and suggestions.

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