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Who first thought to milk a cow? (Ad)

4 Aug

Here is the link.


The Man Behind Omar Suliman Song

19 Feb

The man who appeared behind Omar Suliman “VP of Egypt” during the announcement of Mubarak’s resignation. Here is the link for the song, and here is the link for the facebook group.

Technology Ruins Romance: The Airport

17 Feb

In this day and age, all the beautifully tragic and emotional romantic situations from older movies and books are a lot more difficult to come by. Lost loves, missed opportunities, lovers’ quests…are all taking on new shapes and forms.. This series of shorts might give you an idea of what we mean. Here is the link.

Tahrir Square Got Talent

12 Feb

Standup comedians and singers did a great job in Tahrir Square during the protesting days, here is the link for the stand-up comedy.

Rock concert took place at the night, a song called “Erhal”, here is the link.

Another song “Elga7sh 2al Lel7omar”, here is the link.

Congrats for Egypt, and I hope the future will be better, Live long Egypt.

Thanks Mohammad.

Conan with some South Korean girls

11 Feb

Here is the link.

The Seven Types of iPhone Owners

11 Feb

Interesting inforgraphic  about iPhone owners…. Continue reading

California On Egypt

11 Feb

Comedian Kassem G talks to beach goers about Egypt, here is the link.

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