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Only in Yemen: Donkey Rape!!

25 Jan

15 people were injured in Yemen after what happened there, a male donkey raped a female donkey, and the people were the owners of the donkeys (they were fighting using guns and bombs for the donkeys honor), this is basically what the article about … WHAT A STORY!!


Thanks to Millionaira


A celebrity death from Swine flu!!

14 Aug

image001 copy

I’ve just recieved it from songos group… bad miss piggy.

Thanks to manayer.

[songos] Iranian Michael Jackson

31 Jul

some posts will be from my group which is called songos
its basically taking one of interesting e-mail from that group

and putting it on my blog


today i got an email about a psycho doing Michael Jackson moves on the streets of Iran
well i doubt this thing happened on Iran … but this is what the e-mail said
the funny part here that this guy gives us an image of how will be Osama bin Laden 
when he do the MoonWalk =)


thanks for guitarista

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