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PIXELS – Short Film

9 Apr

New York invasion by 8-bits creatures ! PIXELS is Patrick Jean’ latest short film, shot on location in New York. Here is the link.


Harmony Digital Drawings

27 Mar

 One of my friends is using an online flash site, where you can Continue reading

Fly swatter

19 Aug


Do you hate flies and you wish you could kill them very fast… this game will train you well. here is the link.

Write your own song

19 Aug

This cool site offer to you to write your own lyrics and when you click on the PLAY icon …. it puts many parts from alot of songs … its really entertaining.. here is the link.

Toon Crisis

15 Aug


Well, I am not a big fan of flash games … but when I get bored … I like to play sometimes… here is the link..  I like the characters , very impressive for a flash game. hope you enjoy it.

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