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Supertrees in Singapore

6 Jul

تم بناء اشجار صناعية من الاسمنت محاطة ومدعمة بالحديد عشان تشكل هذه الأشجار والنباتات حولها…. في قلب العاصمة…. والهدف من المشروع انهم يريدون ان يصبحوا الرواد في الزراعة البوتانيكية… وتصبح عاصمة العالم للزراعة.. المثير بالموضوع ان التصميم قرييب من أبراج الماء في الكويت ..  قد تكون فكرة جيدة نستطيع تطبيقها على ابراجنا الحالية..للمزيد من الصور والمعلومات هنا الرابط.


IKARUS Sanctuary (Failaka Health Resort)

9 May

This project is a proposed project in the Kuwait Fund Engineering Program (Phase1)

IKARUS Sanctuary is a health resort, which will be located in Failaka Island. This health resort will present a new perspective to the health resorts with its modern design, services and facilities. The facilities include relaxation areas, a fitness center, spa centers, clinic and healthy restaurants. All the services provided by the resort are aimed to provide a better health care to patients and to ensure their satisfaction during their stay. By hosting the most talented and experienced professors and doctors in the medical field, the resort will be able to attract people to Failaka Island.

Here is the link.

Event: PechaKucha Night #7

13 Feb

PechaKucha Night #7 will be held on Wednesday, September 29th.
from 7:30pm – 9:30pm
20 images x 20 seconds to be presented by:

Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa
Haider Al- Mosawi
Dr. William Schuilenberg
Monira Al Qadiri
Mohammad Al-Dhubaib
Ola Al-Refai
Najwa Maarafi
Najiba Maarafi
Bader Al-Bassam

Elevation Burger
Mexican Elephant

Gulf University for Science & Technology
Block 5, Building 1
Mubarak Al-Abdullah Area/West Mishref  Kuwait


Facebook event Link.

Caribou New Logo = Omar In Arabic!!

12 Feb

I like going to Caribou Coffee, and since they announce their new logo,  and I was wondering if the new logo or the old one is more obvious and clear to look like a Jumping animal.

The new logo does not resemble the caribou animal, it might be abstraction for it, but what I see is a funky way to write my name in arabic. What do you think??


9 Feb

It is best described as a cross between skateboarding and sitting down – and takes extreme sports to new and even more ridiculous levels.

The German brains behind the Sporthock, a colourful plastic stool with rubber lining, hope it will become the next must-have for street-savvy teenagers.

Check out the rest of the article here.

Here is the link.

What Can You Do With Nails (Part 4)

1 Feb

The artist used antique iron nails taken from the cathedral’s repaired roof to create a two metre-long membrane outlining the space of a floating body. Check out the rest of the article here.

Al Sayl (Saudi Short Film)

1 Feb

The film is about the drainage disaster in Jedda, here is the link.

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