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Caption This #3

31 Jan

Home decoration FAIL.


Standing Up Like a Man (Bear Vs. Gorilla)

27 Jan

I found two pictures for a bear and a gorilla in different articles, I think it is interesting to see other creatures in unusual postures, check out the bear article here.

The gorilla has become an internet sensation, check out his article here.

Only in Yemen: Donkey Rape!!

25 Jan

15 people were injured in Yemen after what happened there, a male donkey raped a female donkey, and the people were the owners of the donkeys (they were fighting using guns and bombs for the donkeys honor), this is basically what the article about … WHAT A STORY!!


Thanks to Millionaira

Adam Sandler Girl Version

18 Nov

For his upcoming film Jack and Jill, Starring Al Pacino and Katie Holmes, interesting cast.

The site mentioned it will be in theaters January 1st.

Caption This #2

23 Mar

What do you think the best caption for the image.

By Archer

Caption This #1

21 Mar

My friend asked me to post random images by himself that need captions.. so feel free to caption this.

By Archer.

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