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Kuwait 3D Project Update Vol.4

8 Jul

I posted these images in the Facebook page, and here are the pictures in the blog, the images shows the finished detailed  models in Kuwait 3D Project so far, it seems that the project is taking more than I expected.

Alsoor tower

Kuwait Social security building and Asfour tower

Sheraton Hotel

Aerial view of Fahad AlSalem street and Sheraton rounabout.

Fahad Alsalem street

Panasonic Tower

Alhamra and Alraya Towers, Alhamra tower model is done by Charles

Another View of Alhamra Tower

Kuwait Exchange Market and Burgan Bank Tower

AlSaleh building in the Sheraton roundabout

Kuwait Exchange Market and Burgan Bank Tower.

Any opinion/information/pictures would be helpful to the project, you can check the updates in the following links:

@ swaleff blog

@ Facebook Page

and you can contact us via e-mail:


Supertrees in Singapore

6 Jul

تم بناء اشجار صناعية من الاسمنت محاطة ومدعمة بالحديد عشان تشكل هذه الأشجار والنباتات حولها…. في قلب العاصمة…. والهدف من المشروع انهم يريدون ان يصبحوا الرواد في الزراعة البوتانيكية… وتصبح عاصمة العالم للزراعة.. المثير بالموضوع ان التصميم قرييب من أبراج الماء في الكويت ..  قد تكون فكرة جيدة نستطيع تطبيقها على ابراجنا الحالية..للمزيد من الصور والمعلومات هنا الرابط.

IKARUS Sanctuary (Failaka Health Resort)

9 May

This project is a proposed project in the Kuwait Fund Engineering Program (Phase1)

IKARUS Sanctuary is a health resort, which will be located in Failaka Island. This health resort will present a new perspective to the health resorts with its modern design, services and facilities. The facilities include relaxation areas, a fitness center, spa centers, clinic and healthy restaurants. All the services provided by the resort are aimed to provide a better health care to patients and to ensure their satisfaction during their stay. By hosting the most talented and experienced professors and doctors in the medical field, the resort will be able to attract people to Failaka Island.

Here is the link.

Caption This #3

31 Jan

Home decoration FAIL.

What Can You Do With Ping-Pong Balls??

29 Jan

Designer Daniel Arsham’s 90-square-foot apartment sits above the office of his design shop Snarkitecture at 60 Box Street in Greenpoint. He calls it Box/Box, and it’s a design experiment as well as his permanent residence. The walls are the impressive thing, though. No less than 25,000 grey and white ping pong balls decorate the walls, transitioning from dark to light as they near the ceiling. The ceiling itself is made of translucent backlit panels, with a skylight and mirrors to create the illusion of space.


K3DP Update Vol.2 – Zone 2

17 Jan

This is the second update for Kuwait 3D Project (turned out we have 837 buildings to detail, and we did 30 building so far)

The area is rich of luxurious mall, governmental buildings, restaurants, open shops, hotel, and residential apartments, some of the buildings i detailed it in a way better than reality (just to show how it was at the golden days)

Building 16: TV building – Ministry of Information

Building Number 1

Building 5Building 2 – Al Soor Tower

Building 26 –  Al-Sahab Tower

Building 22 & 21

Building 23 –  JW Marriott Hotel


We hope you will like the new way of showing the 3D, check out Zone 1 and please tell us which one is better??

Also you can join our facebook page here, we would like to know your opinions and suggestions.

The Ark Hotel

15 Jan

I found this project similar to Physalia: The Sailing Garden Concept.

It looks like a cross between Noah’s Ark and something out of a 1970s science-fiction film, The futuristic Ark Hotel has been designed to withstand floods caused by rising sea levels, The floating behemoth is a ‘biosphere’ conceived as a safe, self-contained haven in case of disaster, Boasting a green, self-sustaining environment for guests, the shell-shaped hotel would withstand tidal waves and other natural disasters.

Check out this article for more pictures and details.

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