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Who first thought to milk a cow? (Ad)

4 Aug

Here is the link.


Caribou New Logo = Omar In Arabic!!

12 Feb

I like going to Caribou Coffee, and since they announce their new logo,  and I was wondering if the new logo or the old one is more obvious and clear to look like a Jumping animal.

The new logo does not resemble the caribou animal, it might be abstraction for it, but what I see is a funky way to write my name in arabic. What do you think??

The Doggy Pig!!

5 Feb

Trotting through tunnels, leaping over jumps and weaving between poles, Louie would be
a valuable member of any dog agility team but for one thing.

He’s a pig.

The nine-month-old pot-bellied crossbreed is a non-showbusiness version of Babe, the movie pig that thinks it’s a sheepdog. Here is the link.


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