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Subway Sandwich Battle (Ad)

4 Aug

Here is the link.


Who first thought to milk a cow? (Ad)

4 Aug

Here is the link.

Nothing Like Australia (Ad)

6 Jul

شفت هالدعاية وحيل ذكرتني بدعاية قناة ديسكفري.. بوم ديا دا… هذا لنك استراليا

وهذا رابط دعاية قناة ديسكفري… صراحة البوم ديا دا مافي مجال ان في دعاية تتحداها

From Egypt With Love

19 Feb

“From Egypt with love”
A special multi-lingual video carrying out a sincere declaration of love addressed by Egyptians to all the great people who have visited their beautiful country over the past years, and an invitation to friends from all around the world to come to Egypt and witness its renewal. Here is the link.

Xperia PLAY- Gaming (Ad)

17 Feb

Play The Sims on the way to work, FIFA 10 at half time, Asphalt Racing when you’re stuck in traffic and Dungeon Defenders when you’re waiting in line. Xperia PLAY games are PlayStation Certified for guaranteed fun. Here is the link.

Caribou New Logo = Omar In Arabic!!

12 Feb

I like going to Caribou Coffee, and since they announce their new logo,  and I was wondering if the new logo or the old one is more obvious and clear to look like a Jumping animal.

The new logo does not resemble the caribou animal, it might be abstraction for it, but what I see is a funky way to write my name in arabic. What do you think??

AXE Ad: Even Angels Falls

4 Feb

Here is the link.

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