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Walking on Water!!

9 May

I don’t know if this is real or not, but it is definitely so cool, here is the link.


Youtube’s New Video Page

2 Apr

I really like to spend a lot of time in Youtube, but to be honest I prefer the old one, check out here to have quick guided tour of the video page’s new layout.

Jedda’s Flood and the Moving Cars

22 Dec

I heard about this flood in Jedda few days ago, and this video shows alot of cars that were moved by the water movement, the guy who is taping this video is so close to the flood. here is the link.

It’s a Small Tiny World!

21 Sep


I don’t wher this park is, but I like the details for a small architectural buildings around the world. here is the link. If you know where is this park please tell me. 😀

The Buddha Tree!!

5 Sep

One of my friends shared with me this interesting link about a tree that keeps growing fruits shaped like mini Buddha. The interesting part is that the farmer uses a technique to get this cool results. here is the link for more details.

Thank you Sam.

Online Alarm Clock

31 Aug

If you are sleeping next to your computer and you need a good alarm, like me … this is the solution.I think I will use it alot.

Package typographic design

27 Aug


I know its Ramadan … its not the time to post about Black Label … but I must admit it that this is one of the best package designs from this post (it includes package designs for many products)

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