The Benihana Volcano Vs. Blogger

23 Dec

Yesterday I went with my friends to the new Japanese restaurant called Benihana in the avenues, I didn’t eat there so I will not talk about the food, but about the experience I have to admit it was a new thing for me to watch that chef playing with knifes in front of us, but still this is not my point of this post.

And the day after that one of my friends told me about the Lawsuit against Mark, and I checked the post about his review and I have to say it was extremely entertaining, and worth sharing.

Check out the whole story in this link, I don’t they have the right to do that, and I appreciate Mark reaction for the whole situation, any childish and not professional request don’t deserve any response.

This situation reminded me of old song by Weird Al Yankovic, here is the link, I didn’t expect that these kind of people exist, especially in Kuwait.


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