Movie Review:Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010)

17 Dec

It’s the time of the year where Harry Potter fans are anticipating the latest film of the HP Saga, but this time is the Final Chapter of Harry Potter, I am not a big fan of the books, but I like to watch the HP movies,  I hated the new title (HP7: Part 1), I thought it was commercial but it turned out to be easier to get people to watch it when you add number.

In every Harry Potter films, the beginning is interesting to watch, when they move from the real world to the witches land ( or whatever its called), I liked the idea of having many Harry Potter’s to distract the Voldemort army.

I don’t know if anyone was bored as I was in many scenes that were nothing but a waste of time to fill the first episode, they spent a lot of time camping, and seriously doing absolutely NOTHING!!

A love triangle was the most recognizable event in the whole film, however their were some scene that made me appreciate the film more than the rest of  previous HP films.

In this chapter, it was lacking the final battle, or the ultimate challenge, which makes me expecting that the battle will be in the next film, so you can say that this part was a little bit disappointment to me.

I liked the Evil council scene, I wished the concentrated more on that, many people I knew they loved this part, but unfortunately I am not one of them, I would give it 7 out of 10



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