Event: PrettyGreenBullet|The Exhibition

9 Nov

Pretty Green Bullet by  Artist Ghadah Al Kandery
Got this via Facebook

I’m sending these invitations at this time because I feel that many people who know my work aren’t aware that I also have a blog: PrettyGreenBullet.com. I figure that there’s not much point going to this exhibition if you are not familiar with what it’s about. And what it’s about is me being an artist to just myself, with the added benefit of having my own private screening room. This blog has provided me with an instant platform for exhibiting my daily doodles, notes, drawings, paintings and photographs, with an exciting bonus of having 20 or 30 people viewing my works at the end of the day. After all, I’m just a girl who wants to show the class the picture she drew



The Sultan Gallery, Sabhan, Sadeer Co., Block 8, Street 105, Bldg 168

Gallery times are: Wednesday, November 10, 10am-4pm, 7-9pm, Thursday, November 11, 10am-2pm

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