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Infinity – Short Film By Batelco

29 Nov

An EPIC journey through people’s ideas coming to life. It’s INFINITY from Batelco that took over 1 year in the making – INFINITY the biggest innovative ad Film. Here is the link.


Windows 7 Phone (Ad)

29 Nov

Windows 7 Phone… Really?!! Here is the link.

Junk Portraits by Zac Freeman

26 Nov

What Can you do with Junk? here is the link for more pictures by Zac Freeman.

Wale – The Cloud (Ft. Tiara Thomas)

26 Nov

I am addicted to this song lately, Tiara Thomas, here is the link.

I wanted to hear another songs for Tiara and I just found Youtube Cover videos, this is one of them, here is the link.

K3DP: Zone 1 (Modeling Phase 30%)

21 Nov

2 months ago I started Kuwait 3D Project,  and I finally finished the Massing phase, Now The Kuwait 3D Project team is going through the “Modeling Phase”. As shown above the Kuwait City is divided into 58 plots and starting by number 1, photos and information will be helpful for our database.

The diagram shown above shows the information of zone 1, you can help us by mentioning to us the building function or the building name, pictures is very valuable for detailing each building, send to us whatever you got in via e-mail

Also you can join our facebook page here, we would like to know your opinions and suggestions.

Adam Sandler Girl Version

18 Nov

For his upcoming film Jack and Jill, Starring Al Pacino and Katie Holmes, interesting cast.

The site mentioned it will be in theaters January 1st.

Life Takes Visa Ad

18 Nov

For a cashless society 😀

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