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Kuwait 3D Project (Facebook Page)

7 Oct

Check out the updates about the project, here is the link, we would like to know your opinions and suggestions for the project.


KASA Photography Exhibition at Al-Raya

6 Oct

What an amazing collection of photographs, I was invited by Nasser Al-Mutairi “Public Relations” of KASA to Arraya Center Hosting KASA (Kuwait Architecture Students Association) it’s first KASA Photography Exhibition which Continue reading

Kuwait 3D Project: Massing Phase

5 Oct

Kuwait City Masses 3D Project, is a database project that will include architectural information for Kuwait (this is what can I say about this project for the mean while)

The first phase is to draw Kuwait City and having the building represented in masses (still not accurate) so that why it is called “Massing Phase”

So this is the thing that kept me out from blogging for a while, hopefully I will be back soon with updates for this project, and I wish it will turn out good at the end.

Any comments and suggestions for the project would be extremely helpful, God bless our beloved country.

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