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The Line (Video Game about Post Apocalyptic Dubai)

28 Aug

If you haven’t seen this trailer yet, then you will definitely enjoy it, it is about post apocalyptic action game in Dubai, check out the old trailer here.

I don’t know if the game is available now,  I admire the details of Dubai’s towers, emirates flags everywhere, watching the trailer is so tempting to try this awesome video game, check the new trailer here.


Real-life 3D Geometric Installation

28 Aug

This interesting 3D installation done by  Clemens Behr, check out more pictures here.

Change The Odds (Stand Up 2 Cancer Ad)

28 Aug

Most of Ads with many celebrities are kinda lame, but this one can get an exception, I like how simple and direct for the viewer, here is the link.

Habat LeKuwait blog

28 Aug

I got this link from one of my friends, which I found it so interesting and true about Kuwait, here is the link.

Thanks Joseph.

Skydiver solves Rubik’s Cube at 14,000ft!!

28 Aug

Check out this cool video here.


AT&T BlackBerry Torch “Rollercoaster”

24 Aug

Interesting Ad for the new BlackBerry, Here is the link.

The Art of Michael Shapscott

24 Aug

Great collection of cool colorful paintings by Michael Shapscott, check out this link.

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