The new Puma Packaging

14 Jun

It’s time they put boxes to better use, by not using them!! Introducing Clever little bag, here is the link.

I liked the idea, but I don’t think it needs 21 months to come up with the smartest shoebox ever!! here is the link of the interesting video.


One Response to “The new Puma Packaging”

  1. Puma Trainer Fan June 29, 2010 at 10:27 pm #

    I have looked up to Puma for a long while. A number of months ago I think that as a business it had taken their eyes off the ball. For a short time their design wasn’t what it used to be and in my experience, the quality of Puma’s goods went south. HAVING SAID THAT, today I feel they are tops although they are not the cheapest sports equipment maker.

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