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Kuwait City 1795 (ArtWork)

30 Jun

I recieved this painting via e-mail, Done by artist As’ad Bo Nashi, I really like old Kuwait city pictures, I wish they do more paintings about the city.

Thanks Night Butterfly!


My Car CD: October 2010

30 Jun

18 Tracks this time… Continue reading

Day & Night (Short Film Animation)

30 Jun

Yesterday I went to Toy Story 3, and they showed a very interesting short film done by PIXAR, I didn’t find the full film in Youtube, but you can check out the making of here to get what it’s about, or just go watch Toy Story 3 in IMAX, I don’t think it will be shown in regular theatre.

What Can You Do With Plastic?

30 Jun

You can do an Island made entirely from plastic, here is the link for more info.

Movie Review: The Spy Next Door (2010)

30 Jun


I really like Jackie Chan movies, that was the only reason for me to watch the  Spy Next Door  even if it was looking like Continue reading

What Can You Do With Packing Tape?

26 Jun

It looks like one of SpiderMan scenes, but this installation done by a team using only packing tape, floating in the air and giving the visitors the opportunity to use it, here is the link for more info and pictures.

The Most Useless Machine EVER!

26 Jun

My bro kept nagging to post about this video, it’s a little bit old but it’s really funny about a machine that its main task is to shut down!! here is the link.

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