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11 Players Vs. 200 Kids

21 May


I liked this post  from acidcow about strange football match, it is the first time I see this number of players in one field.

Spanish team Athletic Bilbao played took on 200 kids at once, in the name of charity.
11 against 200, can you imagine?
But even playing in a 66-80-51 formation (with three goalies) wasn’t enough to crush the might of Athletic Bilbao, who won 5-3.

Here is the link.


Al Rihab Complex Story

21 May

I like this reportage done by individuals from KuwaitBuzz about Al Rihab Complex in Kuwait, they should do more videos about Kuwaiti malls and buildings expressed with their sense of humor and simple information. here is the link.

2012 London Olympics Mascots

21 May

 Wenlock, named after the Shropshire town, and Mandeville after the hospital are the 2012 London Olympics mascots, I liked how they showed the inspiration of the mascots from Monsters Inc. and Sonic, here is the link for more photos and details.

LOST: the Stars before the Show

19 May

I am not a big fan of LOST (just watched 2 seasons so far), but few days ago  I found these old images of the cast are interesting to share, here is an article about the stars, and here is more pictures.

Be-Car-Full Please!!

19 May

Few days ago I went to Safat Souk, and I found this paint job warning  written above the chairs in the middle. I think people can understand that even if it was written in the wrong spelling.

Objectified re-designed Poster

19 May

A friend of mine re-designed the film poster for a Movie night in our college, I really like the new colorful touches, If you are interested for the event you can check out the details on Facebook here.

Good job Eser 😀

Pecha Kucha Night Kuwait #5 Videos Now on Youtube

19 May

So many people missed volume 5 of Pecha Kucha, now you can watch them on YouTube.

Zeyad Boarki
Talal Obeid
Sama Al-Wasmi
Lulwa & Balsam Al-Ayoub
Lewis Chapman
Hussa Al-Humaidhi
Yvonne Wakefield
Dari Al-Huwail
Amani Al-Thuwaini & Farah Al-Haiedr
Ahmed Al-Gharabally

You can watch the previous Pecha Kucha volumes here.
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