Movie Review: The Road (2009)

26 Apr

I was so tempted to watch The Road, a post-apocalyptic story starring Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron, after watching it I was a little bit disappointed, mostly from the role of Charlize, she wasted so many minutes of the movie.

I loved the way they started the movie with no explanation of how the world ended, the events were so realistic and the world changed forever, the Man with his son struggling to survive from the cannibals and searching of food.

Charlize wasted her talent in that role, if her character was not included it will not make any difference.

It might be boring at the first part, but as soon as the cannibals appear the movie starts to be more interesting, I can imagine this attitude would happen in real life.

Since the boy was born during the apocalypse, his father tries to give a taste of history from CocaCola, Viggo did a great job in that role.

Some parts were amazing, but the sleeping time scenes were full of boredom, and the ending was not satisfying at all (I guess reality is not satisfying the audience). Overall, if you like apocalyptic movies with no aliens or zombies this might be your movie, other than that don’t expect more from The Road.

I would give it 7 out of 10

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