Movie Review: The Bounty Hunter (2010)

16 Apr

Before going to watch The Bounty Hunter, I heard so many bad reviews about this movie, and so many warnings for not watching it, but I was enjoyed by the trailer earlier, and I was expecting a good movie at least, it was not that bad actually (I have seen worse), but I don’t know if this movie will be under the category of action or comedy because everything was good in the movie have been spoiled by the trailer.

Jennifer Aniston movies is quiet the same, even if she tried desperately to change the chick flick plot, but the girls can’t help it, so many nonsense events occurs in the movie but I didn’t mind that I was waiting to laugh but nothing was funny, and the funny parts I watched them before in the trailer, they ruined it.

Gerard Butler is really good action star and watching his talent get wasted for a movie like this was disappointing, I really liked the first part with the evil attitude, that might be one of the rare things that let the movie worth watching. But as the movie ends the funny evil guy start to disappear and making the movie much worse.

Overall the movie story is kinda original, bounty hunter discover that his new target is his Ex-Wife, wow that’s really exciting (being sarcastic), however the movie would be much better if they changed some silly stuff, if you like chick flick movies then you might enjoy it for a little bit, and if you are action fan you will be stupid to watch it.

I would give it 4 out of 10

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