Movie Review: Repo Men (2010)

12 Apr

I went to watch Repo Men, I remember when I watched the trailer and I was impressed about the story, after watching it I was disappointed about the whole point of making such a movie like this, and I was impressed about how bloody that movie was.

In the near future, an agency that offer artificial organs through the client’s credits, and if he get late in the payment, they will send the Repo Men to take it from you, even if that will cost your life.

The whole idea of the movie was pointless, and without any message through the events, but they fulfilled the action and it could be the bloodiest movie of the year.

Jude Law wasn’t that good for the role, it might be perfect for Dexter Morgan, however, Forest Whitaker did an amazing performance for this movie, he might be the only one who was really acting.

There are many scenes that you will keep thinking about saying WTF a lot, but I passed this attitude and enjoyed the nonsense, anything can happen when the world is filled with artificial organs.

It might be this is the most pointless movie full of blood and action, yet still it have one of the best endings that I never expected at all, even the censoring was at its extreme level, but I managed to understand the event based on experience from watching many movies in this censored cinema. Overall if you like bloody action movies then you will enjoy this one.

I would give it 5 out of 10


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