When I was at KASA’s Module 7 Exhibition

6 Apr

Since I am one of the board members of KASA I will not say my opinion about the whole exhibition, but I have to say that I got many point of views from people about the exhibition. I will show some pictures from the event, also I would like to mention that the exhibition is still open untill Thursday from 10 am to 10 pm at The Avenues (Phase 2).

This is the 7th exhibition done by KASA (Kuwait Architectural Student Association) , the previous exhibition were done in Bait Lothan, Al-Raya Mall and Al Subah Gallery.

The purpose of this event is to show the projects that is done by the students from first year untill graduation, and giving the opportunity for the students to interact with the society to spread the awareness about architecture.

The venue might be the best for displaying projects compared with the previous exhibitions. The Avenues have so many visitors from different ages and that makes it more interesting.

Also I would like the Sponsors for our event and the committees members that really helped us to make this event possible.

The models are getting more professional than old models (5 years earlier) when I first started studying in college, I wish that this level of work becomes better in the future.

Also I was impressed about the media coverage from Newspapers and TV, general publicity is a good publicity.

Overall the exhibtion was pretty good, and even if you are not into architecture just pass by and have a look.

Also you can check Architecture of Kuwait post about the exhibition here.

Update: Another review from Re:Kuwait about the event here.


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