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John Lewis Ad (She’s Always A Woman)

30 Apr

Great transitions used in this Ad, and the Song by Fyfe Dangerfield was a perfect choice for the commercial, here is the link.


My Car CD: July 2010

30 Apr


16 Tracks this time.. Continue reading

What Can You Do With Staples

28 Apr

This interesting project called Ephemicropolis done by Peter Root using staples, you can check out the rest of images here, and the video here.

Slider Station Special Theme

28 Apr

Every Wednesday I like having decent food from Slider Station with my friends, but this Wednesday by coincidence it was their 3rd anniversary,  it turned out to be that the owner of Burger Boutique and slider station is going to launch his new Open Flame Kitchen in 360 mall this  June,  so they were forcing the customers to try the new menu!!

I was ready to order the usual stuff like the commando fries and sliders, but they were insisting to order from the new menu giving no other choice, which was not a good way to celebrate the 3rd anniversary, however, I ordered the appetizers which were much more like Burger Boutique and nothing special about it at all.

I ordered the sliders and it was mostly the same as slider station (just changing the name will not make a difference for me), and please never ever try the Alloo chat slider (where you can order the same from Hindi Restaurant, seriously who puts mashed potatoes in the slider!!)

At the end we ordered the Pudding which satisfied me and gave me a happy ending (as it was written in the menu), the generous portion of ice cream was perfect, and if I will go to b+f Open Flame Kitchen  I will order it for sure. I didn’t take any pictures for the appetizers and the sliders because I think that what I ordered is not the best thing in the menu.

Overall if you want to have a taste of the new restaurant you can go to  slider station in front of Al-Seef Palace, it is for 3 days only, and then Slider Station will be back (as it supposed to be), I might give it another shot when it opens in 360 Mall.

Invitation: Pecha Kucha Night Kuwait #5

26 Apr

I used to be one of the organizers of PKN, and I recieved today an invitation about the fifth PKN:

Dear All,

We would like to announce the 5th installation of PechaKucha Night on May 5th @ the Museum of Modern Art in Kuwait City, parallel to the Gulf Road. PK Night will be in the covered courtyard space among the sculptures of the noted Kuwaiti artist Sami Mohammed.


Talal Obeid
Lulu & Balsam Al Ayoub
Hussa Al-Humaidhi
Amani Al Thuwaini
Lewis Chapman
Yvonne Wakefield
Zeyad Boarki
Dari Al Huwail
Sama Al-Wasmi
Ahmed Al-Gharabally

PechaKucha Night: Kuwait City #5 is sponsored by Hassan’s Optician Co. and NCCAL

As always, seating is limited so please bring mats and blankets to make you more comfortable. Keep checking the events page, coming soon, which will update you with the list of presenters, map and more.

Look forward to seeing you soon:)

PKN Organizers

You can check out the previous PKNs videos in KASA’s channel here.

Update: I just received the invitation via e-mail and i uploaded it instead of the  crappy old one.

K-Lynn Avenues is Closed!!

26 Apr

The Market Authority in Kuwait closed a shop called K-Lynn lingerie, I noticed this paper while I was going to the Phase 2 restaurants area.

It was written that the shop is closed for cheating customers, what a reputation (cheating people by selling expensive underwear!)

Movie Review: The Road (2009)

26 Apr

I was so tempted to watch The Road, a post-apocalyptic story starring Viggo Mortensen and Charlize Theron, after watching it I was Continue reading

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