Movie Review: District 13: Ultimatum (2009)

28 Mar

I watched District 13: Ultimatum after how impressed I was by the first movie, It was an original lame story where he saves his sister from gangsters in District 13, but in this one it gets more international and involves the president too, and the story gets lamer.

I really don’t care about the story when it comes to action movies, for this movie the action was great, but I think the first movie was much better, it is really cool to watch guys jumping all around buildings, I think they are called the Kamikaze.

I am not a big fan of french movies, but they are doing  nice action movies, I wish they will do more of this type. I remember watching TAXI which was quite funny and interesting, I think I might give French movies another chance.

The difference between the two parts is that this one is trying to focus on the story more than the action, seriously I don’t care about your dialogue, just start the action scenes please.

I have to admire the beginning of the movie, where the camera walks through the whole district 13, showing the daily life of the ghetto. Overall the movie was good, but not better than the first one.

I would give it 7 out of 10


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