Jaber Stadium Trip

18 Mar

This was a great opportunity to visit this stadium that was finished in 2004, and rumors was spreading about structural mistakes for the whole building until this day.

 The stadium fits 60,000 person, and the parking fits 6,000 car, that means we need 10 people in each car. they told us that they will build multi story parking next to the studium and transporting the people using buses. another reason to postponed the openings.

The engineers told us during the trip, there will be soft  opening by next month, and the official opening will be next October, It was planned to be opened 6 years ago!!

The field was designed to be built-in the basement level, which means it is under the street level, and that was the birth of the rumor about the underground soil and how it will collapse the whole stadium.

They allowed us to walk on the catwalk (it is used for maintenance workers, 50 meters above the ground.

It was unbelievable experience, I would really enjoy watching the match from that angle.

And that was basically our trip around the stadium, I really hope it will open very soon, and will encourage the sports in our country.


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