Movie Review: From Paris with Love (2010)

9 Mar


This would be one of the “full of action” movies, for me personally I didn’t care about the story, action movies that is similar to “From Paris with Love” is really satisfying me. I don’t care about who kills or for what, it just doesn’t matter specially in this film.

The movie starts with a young employee “Jonathan Rhys Meyers” in the U.S. embassy in Paris. He get to be involved with a spy “John Travolta” that he keeps kicking the terrorist asses all around the city, and I have to mention that the terrorists are not from one nationality.

There are Chinease mafia, French and Pakistanis, they never mentioned Islam in the movie, however at the end of the movie, they use Hijab as a cover to enter a political confernce.

One of the funny qoutes from Travolta is  when he mentioned CheeseBurger as Royale with Cheese, he said that in Pulp Fiction, I don’t know if that was a coincidense or they did it in purpose.

If you like action movies, and you don’t care if it was about terrirosm or not (like me), then this will be a movie that you will enjoy for sure.

I would give it 8 out of 10


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