No Bachelors Allowed in Al-Bairaq Cinema

3 Mar

I went with my brother to watch AVATAR, since my brother didn’t watch this bluckbuster movie, there were no regular 2D screening except Avenues , 360 and Al-Bairaq. I suggested to give this new cinema a try and go to Fahaheel. first impression from entering the mall was quiet good. It wasn’t crowded with 3 floors and huge skylight, and they were celebrating the national holidays. After that we went to buy the tickets, there was alot of seats to pick. I wanted to pay but suddenly the employee asked me. are you only together?!!

I said yes.

Employee: Sorry sir you can’t buy tickets.

Me: why is there any problem.

Employee: The screenings is for families only.

Me: Can I talk to the manager please?!!

the Manager came to us ,and after talking with him for 10 minutes he refused.

We found a family and we told him can we buy the tickets with you and sit in a far seat from you. the guy from that family agreed.

The manager said no and its not possible to have 2 guys alone.

Conclusion: I can’t watch movie at Al-Bairaq without a girl, I don’t think Iam going there again!!!


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