Movie Review: Land of the Lost (2009)

3 Mar

Will Farrel movies could be in a special genre by itself, I watched the trailer of this movie and after knowing the very harsh reviews about it I wasn’t interested to watch it, one of my friends that kept mentioning this movie and how its funny might be the only reason that I watched it, actually after watching Land of the Lost I really enjoyed it, it might be not popular and most people hates it, but for me it was fun and interesting.

The story is kinda repeating itself where a mad scientist travels through time machine or a device, but the difference here that he goes into a new dimension where the past, the present and the future are combined in one place that is called The land of the lost, the idea it wasn’t that bad actually and you will enjoy it because it is full of adventures and funny moments.

All the characters goes into one dimension except the one in the image above, a retard ancient human or monkey, the whole movie is full of a good effects, except the monkey that he wears a cheap custom with weird voices. Even if that was funny I don’t think they should have this character with that cheap custom.

Aliens, dinosaurs and many abnormal creatures in that movie, if you like Will Farrel then you will enjoy this one. As for me I really enjoy watching it except some parts that was somehow low-budget.

I would give it 7 out of 10


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