Movie Review: Agora (2009)

3 Mar

One day I watched this movie with my friends, and neglecting the fact that I never heard about it, the movie starts with a school class in Roman Egypt City during 391 A.D. It was like a historical documentary at the beginning, I didn’t complain and completed till the end.

Only one star that I recognized in the movie and that would be Rachel Weisz, and she was one of the main character, and she might be the only woman that teaches in that school, meanwhile, her slave is the main character that turns to be Christian.

*Spoiler Alert*

The part when Christianity rules the city is quiet impressive and after that many interesting events occurs, like the fights between the Jews and the Christians, and the one thing that was confusing me is how the discovery of earth movement around the sun, I was like “this is impossible to be discovered at that time”, yet the movie makes it clear that she got killed before revealing her discovery.

If you like historical movies about Roman Empire and the beginning of  Christianity then you will enjoy Agora as I did, and having unfamiliar cast makes it better because you will focus in the story more than the actors.

I would give it 8 out of 10

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