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Module 7 – The Seventh Annual KASA Exhibition

31 Mar

The Kuwait Architectural Students Association is proud to invite you to attend “Module 7”, the 7th Annual KASA Exhibition. The exhibition compiles and displays the last year’s worth of work conducted, designed and constructed by the students of Kuwait University’s Department of Architecture.

The opening ceremony will be held under the patronage of his excellency Sheikh Talal Al-Fahad Al-Ahmad Al-Subah at 7pm, on April 4th 2010.

Start Time: Sunday, April 4, 2010 at 7:00pm
End Time: Thursday, April 8, 2010 at 10:00pm
Location: The Avenues Mall, Phase II.

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Movie Review: Green Zone (2010)

31 Mar

I went with my friends to watch the latest movie for Matt Damon called “The Green Zone“, after watching the trailer I was anticipating a superb war movie, and I was Continue reading

What can you do with Nails? (Part 2)

31 Mar

If you remember part 1 when the artist used different sizes of nails, in this part another artist called Marcus Levine used one size of nails and the results were amazing, check out the rest here.  Some of them are NSFW.

They Stole Our Design!!

31 Mar

One day Bumo showed me this image for a new tower will be constructed soon, it is called “Kuwait Building”, the funny part is how that design was similar for one of my Continue reading

The Naked House

29 Mar

Walls is considered as the outer skin of any building, the image above shows how the owner kept only the structure and demolished the walls, even the front door is kept without being demolished. It will be interesting to see before and after pictures for the new house.

2PAC Sign!!

29 Mar

I was driving to Kuwait City and I noticed this sign where it shows the direction for a governmental public authority, instead of PASC it was changed by “funny careless artist” into 2PAC.  You can check previous signs posts such as Street Art or Sex Signs!!! and College of Sex in Kuwait University!!

Movie Review: Shutter Island (2010)

29 Mar

I had a positive expectation about watching Shutter Island, and that was after seeing the interesting trailer, I wasn’t Continue reading

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