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Cigarettes Warning in Egypt

26 Feb

Cigarettes in Egypt have a funny warning in the packets, the image above says “Smoking for a long period effect on the marriage relationship”, its really cool of how each packet have a different message instaed of the small regular one.


Pecha Kucha Night Kuwait #3 Videos Now in Youtube

26 Feb

In November I posted a review about PKNK Vol.3, and now you can see the videos in youtube.

Farah Behbehani

Ismael Abedin

Danah Al-Hasan

Loaay Ahmed

Fareed Abdal

Abd-Alrahman Al Turkait

Teddy B


Please write your comments and rate the videos… sorry for the sound quality 😦

Movie Review: The Invention of Lying (2009)

26 Feb

Finally, Iam back from a great vacation, now I have time for blogging again… This post should be written 3 or 4 weeks ago, anyways, the movie that I went to the cinema with my friends hoping that I will have a good time watching it. To be honest the movie was Continue reading

One of the Best Cups: Hot Chocolate from JR

11 Feb

This is my first post from a series called “One of the Best Cups”, where simply I post about drink that I ordered from restaurants and cafe’s, the image above is a Hot Chocolate from Johnny Rockets, the drink is so sweet with a delicious chocolate flavor, the waiter said that most of the ingredients are from USA. You should give it a try and tell me what do you think?

Walk on my steps for the right direction!!

11 Feb

Yesterday, I went to visit a new member in my family at Al Salam Hospital, and I noticed in the parking area they have a white footprints for the direction of the main entrance, I enjoyed while walking on the footprints, and the main purpose was for the safety from the cars. I really admire  ideas that is fun and useful.

Let girls be girls for god sake!!!

10 Feb


Seriously, What the hell is happening in Hollywood is ridiculous, I totally agree with a campaign from concerned parents entitled with “Let girls be girls”, like Tom Cruise’s 3 year old daughter where she wears high heels and lipstick, and Hanna Montana little sister that launches fashion line for kids that includes lingerie for kids. for more details here.

My Car CD: February 2010

9 Feb

It contains 17 Tracks

Most of the songs Continue reading

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