Movie Review: Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

28 Jan

This is another interesting movie by Gerard Butler, He was the main character of the whole story. The movie starts with a normal family that was celebrating the holiday and suddenly a strange man kills his family infront him, after that trial ends with no acceptable charges for the killers, he decides to control the justice system.

I liked the idea of revenge, but after 10 years of planning to get into the system and making it so stupid and immature, such as  giving him the opportunity to get into the prison when he likes, having a nice bed on his cell, having a stake in the prison for giving the police some information, all of that was like raising the middle finger in front the law system in america.

I don’t know why they are keeping Jamie Foxx as a main actor, His role should for any other actor, to have an interesting dialogue at least. Overall Law Abiding Citizen is worth watching, it is like being Smart Vs. being Stupid.

I would give it 8 out of 10

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