Pecha Kucha Night #4: A Trip Around the World

20 Jan

Last Thursday I was organizer in the Pecha Kucha Night Organizers Team, or as it is written in the tag “ORGANIZAER”,  It was my typo lol. Anyways, the place was at the scientific center, a really great site for such an interesting event like Pecha Kucha, now about the presenters I will talk about each presenter briefly.

I really thank Element 8 for sponsoring the event, but somehow the place needed more lights, I didn’t have any problems with that, but the camera was shooting with no details at all, which will effect the video quality of this year, which will be uploaded soon, very soon.

First presenter, Roa Al-Shaheen, I knew her as a student in our department of architecture, but her presentation was so interesting about “Gestalt theory”, I don’t know if I wrote it right, however, I liked the way of presenting her works within the main topic, that made her one of the best presentations in PKN that I attended in Kuwait.

After that, Reham Al-Sharif dressed as alien called “To2” or “Tisk”, it was surprise for me to see that long hair and presenting infront of more than 500 people about life in general in Kuwait, although I liked her idea and images, but my eyes was focusing on that long hair, that looked like Marge Simpson hair.

Valerie Buchheit: She was presenting about humanitarian aspect and how we should talk to each other, I talked to her before and she used to work with Cameron Sinclair, I liked his book “Design Like You Give A Damn”, and she shared her experience with the audience.

Barrak Al-Babtain: a young architect with amazing ideas, he shared his opinion about urban density in Kuwait and showed solution that he is keeping mentioning it in his blog. I liked the illustrations and the way he deliver his message to the audience, and it is really makes me happy to know that there are a few people who thinks on that way.

After The break, Zed Al-Refai showed us one of the coolest presentations ever, about his experience of reaching mount Everest, with alot of funny,cool pictures and his sense of humor made the audience proud of that guy.

Alia Al-Ghunaim, an architect that presented her graduation project called “Bait Abdullah”, and how a dream became true, it was really great to see a project that you designed during your study, and now it is under construction.

Ahmad Al-Majed & Rabaa Al-Hajri: you can call them Trithloners “a term that I just made it up”, they talked about this kind of sport that includes a race of three different sports, swimming, running and cycling, and how they want to establish the club that encourage this sport in Kuwait.

and the last presenter was Maryam Al-Hamad, from  Kuwait For Kenya team, where a group of young Kuwaitis that travels to Kenya and help them by building for them schools and hospitals, glad to know that a young Kuwaitis do that.

Overall, the event was one of the best, the audience were amazing, the D.J was mixing a great songs. Even if there are similarities in the presentations, and they could be categorized under “Sports, Humanity, Architecture and Aliens”, but still it will remain one of the best PKNs.

I wanted to thank Dr.Aseel Al-Ragam and the other organizers, It was pleasure working with you guys, and finally this will be my last PKN to organize, Can’t wait to attend PKN5 as a guest Inshallah.
Videos will be uploaded next week.

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