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Movie Review: Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

28 Jan

This is another interesting movie by Gerard Butler, He was the main character of the Continue reading


Walmart Clown Commercial

27 Jan

A priceless scream, funny and scary at the same time  here.

Teletubby Eco-Bunker Home

27 Jan

This is a new house built in Manchester that costs £8m, the owner ” Gary Neville” wanted an eco friendly house that generates the energy from natural resources. People are calling this project the second “La-La Land” from the famous kids TV show Teletubbies. I kinda agree with that… it looks funny and nteresting… here is the link for more details and pictures.

The Avenues New Parking System

27 Jan

This might be not a new thing… but it is a really helpful  system for saving time in the biggest mall parking in Kuwait. above each car there is a sensor that counts the empty spaces and lights green. it was taking alot of time to get a nice parking on the weekends, but last weekend it took me only 3 minutes.

Movie Review: The Princess and the Frog (2009)

23 Jan

Previously I posted about the trailer of this movie, and few day ago I went to watch Continue reading

Concours d’Elegance at Marina Crescent

22 Jan

Yesterday, I went with my friends for a JR breakfast and having a look at this cool event in Marina Crescent and the Marina Mall, where they show old vintage cars and having a competition called Concours d’Elegance , I am not into cars in general, but I appreciate the old ones alot, Check out the rest of the images Continue reading

The Three Musketeers of Kuwait City

22 Jan

Everyday I pass by this street downtown, I always think that Kuwait Towers are redesigned into 3 new designs that gives a unique skyline for the city, from left to right “United Tower”, “Alhamra Tower” and “Arraya Tower”. the first two towers are still under construction. Arraya looks like a one building, but in reality they are two beside each other.

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