Smokers are the coolest!!

20 Dec

I was contradicting myself few days ago, and wondering if smokers were the coolest people or not. I am non-smoker and I enjoy hanging out with people who smoke, is it the cigarette itself that does all the fun time, or it depends on the personality of each one. I hate the smell of the cigarette, but I enjoy the time of smokers while they are enjoying those cancer sticks. and blowing that dirty wind through the air like if it was his own property, without any feeling of other people.
In Kuwait, most of public spaces such as Colleges, Shopping Malls and the Airport have the law of not to smoke inside, but most of the people “the coolest people” smoking like they never ever read any sign or warning. Some might say this is not a big problem, it is just one cigarette that will not hurt anybody. the picture above is taken in Dubai where every time one of my coolest friends wants to smoke we went out the shopping mall where we face this sign of no smoking, I wish this law will be applied by the cool people in Kuwait.

2 Responses to “Smokers are the coolest!!”

  1. Kuwait Business December 21, 2009 at 6:36 am #

    Its not hard, only the Govt. have to be more tough & it can happen here too.

  2. swaleff December 24, 2009 at 3:39 am #

    The Govt. system will not change a bit from the current situation
    The good attitude should come from the people themselves, a law will never change a people… for example the traffic laws, it gives the people to be more arrogant and they care about themselves only.

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