When I was at the REUSE 3.0 Exhibition

12 Dec

I went to Reuse 3.0 and I was anticipating to enjoy an interesting exhibition like the second one, but it was not the same at all. The venue was unique, having the event in the car parking of the avenues was adding a great experience. and about the objects only a few that took my attention, even if it was not related to the homeless habitat (the theme of this event is to design for the poor). One of the best that have a message behind quitting smoking, and thinking about the poor in africa, I liked the variety of the boxes to create this mini house model.

I liked the graffiti guy who was drawing his masterpiece during the event, he is so talented.

Another piece that I liked is this big scale project, reusing old parts from cars (rusty metal welded together to create this space)

Teddy B was participating in that event, I really liked the piece,  but what made me think about in a more negative way towards the whole event is the prices of the pieces, for example the one above is 250 KD!!!. I really liked the idea of the whole event, I think it should maintain of sending the message of reusing the material through the society. But by having high prices for junkyard pieces glued together is creating a venue for stupid rich people. I think they should have an affordable prices next time, and for example people can have more than one piece, in that way they will have more audience and more awareness.


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