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My Car CD: January 2010

26 Dec

Happy new year everybody, the new collection includes 17 tracks Continue reading


Can I have the Palestinian sauce please??!!

26 Dec

This hot sauce is being popular at the dining room, and I don’t why we keep saying “can I have that Palestinian sauce”, so I wanted to check if this is a Palestinian product so it would be normal to call it that way, it turned out it is Saudi product (Rabeea company) and we call it Palestinian only because the boy picture looks like one of them!!

Alicia Keys on the cosby show (old video)

26 Dec

I am not a big fan of the Cosby show, but I really liked this part from old episode.. that includes one of my best artists Alicia Keys when she was 4 years old. here is the link for more details.

check out the video.

Class Doodles Vol.4

26 Dec

This collection have the same weird style
done by unknown, check out the rest Continue reading

Johnney Depp is starring Alice in Wonderland entirely

24 Dec

This is the latest trailer of the anicipated movie for the next summer Alice in Wonderland, I thought it will be another remake with new effects, but it turns out after watching this trailer is that Johnney Depp is the main charachter, and they don’t show any consideration of making Alice as the main role. In this trailer its all about Johnney Depp, and that makes it more interesting for me, so Iam anticipating a great summer movie starring a great actor. check out the trailere here.

Black World Photographs

24 Dec

This interesting collection of photographs taken by Juha Arvid Helminen, I don’t anything about him except his deviantart account where you can check out more of his impressive work.

Movie Review: Avatar (2009)

23 Dec

Back in August I posted about the poster of this movie, and few days ago I went to the cinema to watch it. The trailer was not giving me any Continue reading

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