Cinemagic new season is Awesome!!!

24 Nov

Last Saturday I went for the Surprise movie event at Cinemagic, and that was my second time to attend the new season of movies… the first one was a russian movie (it was kinda boring with a deep meaningful message behind it), and the surprise movie was “Waltz with Bashir” (animation from Israel)


I liked the new look of the place, adding the partition was a good idea to avoid the sound from the machines in the roof (it was annoying when the scene is silent). The israeli animation was awesome, where it talks about the life of  an israeli soldier in the war of Lebanon. Here is a scene that I liked from the movie.

Anyways there is a movie this Tuesday (before Eid) ,a Japanese movie based on Manga animation series that is called “Death Note“… I liked the Anime series and the movie it was good for me, I guess I will go to enjoy a movie and a place that I like. The movie will start at 7 pm in Old Salmiya, above LG. I think they should expand roof cinemas in Kuwait, specially with the amazing weather lately.

 The selection of the new movies is encouraging me to go there every Thursday and Saturday.


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