Movie Review: Gamer (2009)

31 Oct

I really enjoyed watching this movie, as I expected. If you are familiar with famous online games such as “Counter Strike” or “Second Life” you will find alot of similarities in the main concept of these games applied in the movie, but in Gamer the characters in the game are real people that are controlled by online gamers. And as they mention in the movie that this will be in the near future, who knows it might happen soon. 


The action went to the extreme level (the thing that anyone wants in an action movie), the story was not bad, but somehow the events makes the movie interesting. Another part that was impressive is the great cast like Gerard Butler who plays the main character in the movie, and the fights was really good with cool special effects.

I am a big fan for the TV show DEXTER, and knowing that Michael C. Hall (aka DEXTER) is acting as a main character in that movie was one of the reasons to watch the movie. I think the bad guy in any movie should be a really good actor, and Michael was the best choice, I wish he act in other movies. Overall the movie is full of action, explosions and futuristic approach for the games in general. If you like this kind of movies then you don’t want to miss it.

I would give it 7 out of 10


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