When I was at the PhotoZine Exhibition…

11 Oct


Actually it was a good start for PhotoZine by BARCODE. If you remember I postedan invitation about the event few days ago. And finally I made it to an exhibition without cupcakes and hair sticks.  I hated the idea of having exhibition in a normal house, but when I entered the house I liked the way of how it was organized. The guys who are in charge of this event did a good job.

I’ve seen so many familiar faces and one of them was Yousef J. and you can check his work on his flickr page. he won second prize from the jury of the event.

Another work was one of my favourites is Rashed Al Foudari. here is his flickr page. He won third prize.

I liked the work of Ahmed Safar where he manipulates photographs with digital 3D models, his work was part of small company called Whitefield that participated in that event.

Overall the exhibition idea was really good to me. but again I really wish to see this event in another place, although the place looks nice and the work is amazing still the exhibition will be in a house.

Last day is today 11-10-2009 .. you don’t wanna miss it.


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