Al-Hamra Tower with a huge openning in the middle

2 Oct

IMG00290-20090930-1456 copy

Al Hamra tower will be the tallest building in Kuwait and it will affect the skyline of the city. Anyways, yesterday I went to Kuwait City (my sister needed me to fix her car). and while that I noticed Al-Hamra Tower with that huge opening. it looks different from this angle. It looks like 7 floors are opened together. I think it will be an interesting space in that huge tower.

Update: This is not Al Hamra Tower.. sorry guys my bad 😛


One Response to “Al-Hamra Tower with a huge openning in the middle”

  1. bumo October 2, 2009 at 5:51 pm #

    That is not Al-Hamra, its another building near Warba tower and the stock exchange if i’m not mistaken. I spent some time in Ramadhan in that area right next to the tower and if you take a walk around it you will notice that the huge 8 floor atrium in the middle is cantilevered over the street below. Go have a closer look, i think that is a technological masterpiece for Kuwait. And your not the first person to mistake it for Al-Hamra tower… didnt you think it looks to short for Al-Hamra? 😛

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